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A cod 1v1.3, 1.5, and blackops clan. Go out there and kill
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» {MIS} Servers and expansion
Free forum : {MIS}  - Portal Empty5/24/2011, 1:09 am by TerrBear

Free forum : {MIS}  - Portal Empty5/20/2011, 6:02 am by the Burger King

» Me for MIS banned, heres what he has to say. Rotfl
Free forum : {MIS}  - Portal Empty4/28/2011, 5:50 am by TerrBear

» All clan members report here
Free forum : {MIS}  - Portal Empty4/27/2011, 2:11 pm by Pugg

Free forum : {MIS}  - Portal Empty4/27/2011, 10:01 am by Jinx

» Is the Bible True?
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» this is totaly my theam song
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» Zachary's App
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free forum

{MIS} Servers and expansion
Free forum : {MIS}  - Portal Empty3/6/2011, 11:20 am by deathbringer
I cant get vcod servers. For somereason when i tried to get servers it messed my computer up bad. If its ok with jinx i would like to do some research for a few weeks and then make up our own custom make {MIS} servers. I would also like to extend our reach out of 1.3 if jinx is ok with it. I would like to get players from 1.5 and black ops into the clan. Post comments on what you think.


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Me for MIS banned, heres what he has to say. Rotfl
Free forum : {MIS}  - Portal Empty3/21/2011, 3:56 am by TerrBear
First of all animal I'm going to go get the noob Because u r one u little nib he's a power freak lol I was In ownt id know he thinks he's king of the world lol so bye bye lol little nub what a Swear What a power freak idk

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tell this nub to gtfo please?
Free forum : {MIS}  - Portal Empty4/3/2011, 3:09 am by Surk
this reyes kid is being a Retard and sending me hate pm's for absolute no reason, and the funniest part

he thinks he can 10-0 me in a 1v1, ROFL

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gekko VS. MIS
Free forum : {MIS}  - Portal Empty3/29/2011, 10:45 pm by -eXtreme|gekko
so guys in the interest of maybe bringing some life back into cod i would love to 1vall your clan or when you have a good amount of players on, we can use the eXtreme scrim server, more then likely ill have some eXtreme guys in the serer to watch,but no one will be playing with me,it will be a basic scrim, best of 3 rounds,so please dont waste my time and yours and after 4 games say you have to …

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No more messing with Ownt
Free forum : {MIS}  - Portal Empty3/24/2011, 11:21 am by TerrBear
Stop messing with Ownt, and they will stop messing with us. It's a deal, no crap in game about how Ownt is nubz, and no telling others about their clan. If we are mature enough to stop, then they will follow our lead and stop. So just drop it. Got it! I'm serious Jinx, Puggles, and Arc, your names where brought up the most, so STOP!

Play CoD, kill people, and have fun!

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is that how MiS does it?
Free forum : {MIS}  - Portal Empty3/23/2011, 6:55 am by Anonymous
Lol fill out an app see what we say

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Who should be Goa.
Free forum : {MIS}  - Portal Empty3/21/2011, 1:59 am by Jinx
Ok here is a vote for who takes Albanian kids spot as a Goa. idk noob Swear Very Happy pirat lol! Mad Laughing cat What a Face pig

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For deathbringer
Free forum : {MIS}  - Portal Empty3/15/2011, 6:16 am by Jinx
here is a website for cod server found here
it dosnt tell u what patch it is so idk but it may help???? so f Swear ing use it lol

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Back but differant
Free forum : {MIS}  - Portal Empty3/18/2011, 5:28 am by deathbringer
Hey everyone im deathdealers older sister. Im going to be taking deaths place in clan. Dont worry im not a sucky player(i tought death how to play) and i will live up to any thing death sayd he would do.

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